Greetings, I go by the name "IAmSmolok" and I am an avid gamer. Although I enjoy a wide variety of games, Destiny 2 is my preferred game. I particularly enjoy pushing myself with challenging activities such as grandmaster nightfalls and master dungeons, and I enjoy teaching others how to navigate dungeons and occasionally, raids. In fact, I enjoy gaming so much that I've begun streaming on Twitch.

When I'm not gaming, my interests include web development and software development. I have experience in several programming languages such as Java, C++, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and I'm currently learning Python. The limitless possibilities of technology have always fascinated me, and I'm passionate about exploring its various domains such as software development, web development, cyber security, networking, and hardware.

I aspire to become an IT Technician and further explore technology, but for now, I am focused on graduating from high school before embarking on this exciting journey. If you're interested in learning more about me and my interests, please check out my links below.